Size, Finish, Style

How We Make Art

We approach each art piece as both unique to the individual acquiring it, and unique to the artist and artisans that create it.

Materials are selected by the artist to best express the color, mood, and overall style of the art. While most Bommarito art is available in a wide range of sizes and finish styles, the artist will recommend specific options for you based on your home or office space, and the style that best fits the mood and feel you would like.

You may email us here and set up a time to meet the Bommarito team to talk about your project and/or your art design and decoration ideas.

List of All Finishes Offered

  • Brushed Aluminum Metal (Matte Finish)
  • Smooth Aluminum (High Gloss Finish)
  • Framed (several custom options)
  • Canvas Fine Art
  • Fine Art Traditional Print
  • Acrylic Mounted Fine Art
  • Custom Framing

*Availability is determined by the art. Not all art can be made with these materials/styles, and not all art can be made in any size.

Sizes Available

The most popular sizes are listed above in the options available to purchase online.

Larger sizes, custom sizes, and additional finish options are available for most pieces. Please contact Bommarito here for more information.

Large Size Prints

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Print Clusters

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Panel Prints

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