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Black's Swells

Foam Storm

Yosemite Firefall

Schedule: We are currently from 10 days to 30 days out depending on if we make and have ready for our upcoming trip to OC. We typically deliver there 2x per month. Also, please let us know what schedule, dates, and times you prefer.

Deposit: Deposit is 25% and can be made by card or check

We will update you about once per week to coordinate for delivery/install if you choose to have us do this.











Gloss Metal Finish View Examples

40x60 $2,250, 30x45 $1,250, 24x36" $950

Acrylic Finish View Examples

40x60 $2,950, 30x45 $1,650, 24x36" $1,250

Both are great choices for your space and will create a very light bright feel. If you look at the examples link above you will see the different side profile of the art, and the art pieces are slightly brighter/glossier we make with the metal.

Pricing is for a single piece

For multiple pieces we offer price incentive of approximately 10-20%