Art Styles & Finishes

Metal - Brushed Aluminum, Matte Finish

Metal - Smooth Aluminum, Gloss Finish

Fine Art Print

Acrylic Face Mount

Additional Notes on Finishes

Additional Notes on Finishes

The Artist and the Bommarito team will make a recommendation based on the space you plan on placing the art, and the style you prefer.

We offer a wide range of finishes and materials for 3 primary reasons:

1) The space the art will be placed in: The amount of light, angle of light, wall color, and other interior fixtures are often taken into account when selecting an art piece and how it is made.

2) The image / photograph itself: Each image tends to express itself best on a particular medium/finish. To best represent the mood, colors, and what Daniel Bommarito experienced when he captured the photograph it is important to select the appropriate finish.

3) The style of Bommarito Art: Our work ranges from underwater, land based, and aerial. From the planning and preparation that goes into being in position to capture a scene or fleeting moment, to the equipment and tools used to create the imagery, and the process of creating a finished art piece - the only way to create a unique piece of art is to approach the process with essentially an unlimited set of materials to not only express the art in the best way possible but also to offer our collectors the best finish and style optimal for their space. There are no limits to how we produce our art - if the collectors wants it, we make it.


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